1st March 2014
Bounty Bonanza
Rydges Melbourne Hotel
Vic 3000

2nd March 2014
Bounty Bonanza
The Venue ? West Adelaide

8th March 2014
Bounty Bonanza
Brisbane ? TBA

9th March 2014
Sydney ? TBA

22nd/23rd March 2014
Radisson Edwardian Hotel ? Heathrow
140 Bath Road
Middlesex UB3 5AW

17th-19th April 2014
Salt Lake City Comic Con
Salt Lake City Convention Center
100 SW Temple
Salt Lake City
UTAH 84101

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Hi Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys & Girls

It?s been a while since I updated this site, but we have been pretty busy since our trip to Essen. After the fun drive back from Germany we did have a few weeks with our grandchildren who were visiting from Sri Lanka. Indy, the youngest kept telling us to turn off the air-con as she was so cold here in England. We tried to explain that we didn?t have air-con and that she needed to put on an extra sweater! We took them all on a visit to HMS Belfast which the boys adored, but Indy was not quite so keen. It was then a trip to the beach for ice-cream and playground fun.

The following weekend Maureen & I flew to Glasgow for the Collectormania show. We had not been to Glasgow for a while, so it was nice to be back in bonnie Scotland. There was a very good guest list including Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Miltos Yerolemou from Game of Thrones to name but a few.

We had only been home a few days then it was off for another Collectormania show ? this time in Cardiff, Wales. It was a bit deja vu, as many of the guests had been at the show in Glasgow, including Lance Henrikson of Aliens fame. Again another very enjoyable weekend, and we stayed over so we could visit Cardiff Castle. This castle was originally opened in 55 a.d and has a wonderful 2000 year history.

Next stop was a charity event in Leicester (my home town) for the Big Care Sign-Up. Dave Huddleston and his father Charles had worked very hard to get this event together. Another piece of artwork for my office thanks to ?Under the Floorboards?

As soon as we got home it was one big breath, and then off again to the airport ? this time to Laredo on the Mexican Border. Marco was the promoter and we had met his uncle Jesse at the show we attended in San Antonio earlier this year. He had assured us that there were many Boba fans in Laredo. We were not disappointed, and the hospitality was at its best ? we love Mexican food and people where very generous. David Yost and Tom Kane were fellow guests.

We were flying on to Pittsburg for the Comic Con so had a few days to explore Laredo. It is an amazing town which feels more Mexican than American. We were very tempted to pop over the border for lunch one day , but unfortunately did not have our passports on us. One of the joys of walking around the town was that we saw some very interesting stores, and found this incredible garden centre. We also had time to visit Jesse?s comic book shop with its amazing painted ceiling tiles.

It was good to return to Monroeville this time for the Pittsburgh Comic Con. My old chum Doug Bradley was there along with many other talented actors and artists. One piece of artwork by Jesse Johnson was very interesting and it raised quite a a lot for the charity. The whole show does a brilliant job in fundraising. Well done Renee and her team.

The next weekend back in the UK saw us at three different events. On Friday we went to Peterborough to the Star Base 24 dinner which again raises funds for charity. It was more Star Trek based ? but hey I?m not biased (only a little!) but everyone had a great time. On Saturday I was invited to the launch of Jonathan Rinzler?s new book ?The Making of the Return of the Jedi? It started with a cool cocktail party in Waterstones, Piccadilly, and then on to the Prince Charles Theatre for a screening of ?ROTJ?.

The crazy weekend was not yet over ? on Sunday we drove down to Totton near Southampton to attend the second day of Def-Con 2. This event raises money for the CLIC Sargent charity and the Piam Brown Ward at Southampton General Hospital. The SO 16 Troopers are very involved with the fundraising. Well done Jay and Wayne for organising a great event.

Our next trip abroad was to be a short holiday ? we were driving down to Italy with our son and two of our grandchildren. It was fun to be on the road again instead of above the clouds. It was a lovely drive through France ? stopping overnight at picturesque Colmar in Alsace (called Little Venice because of its beautiful canals) then on through the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps.

We were looking forward to arriving in sunny Tuscany ? but alas this is what greeted us. The rain was short lived and then taken over by rather windy weather ? hence my rather strange hairdo. We had a great couple of days, and typically the sun came on the day we left.

Another very quick turnaround and it was in the car heading this time to Bury St. Edmunds to the Moyse?s Hall Museum where Paul Darrow from Blakes 7 and myself would be attending the Time & Space Event. Bury St. Edmunds is a very old town with some beautiful old buildings.

At the beginning of November we went to Taastrup in Denmark for Star Wars Weekend 5 ? organised by Michael and Per. It was a lovely weekend and we had great fun with Femi Taylor and her brother Benedict, Rusty Goffe, Garrick Hagon and Brian Muir. We dined like Kings with amazing food and wine ? and we were made to feel very welcome by all the Danish fans. I found another rather colourful, dashing painting I could not resist buying.

Mid November was around the time that the media was gripped by the news of the Star Wars auditions for the upcoming Episode 7, and at the last minute I was invited to appear on BBC breakfast television to voice my opinion about the making of the new film. Milton Keynes was our next stop for Collectormania ? this is held at the Milton Keynes Dons football club. The convention centre attached to the club was in the final stages of being completed, but alas had no heating, and it must have been one of the coldest weekends so far this winter. It didn?t dampen anyone?s spirits and a record number of fans turned up donning thick sweaters and scarves. Collectormania always gets a very good line-up of unusual guests and it was great to meet up with Judy Geeson who I had been at drama school with many years ago, and she had played my sister in a long running soap opera called ?The Newcomers? way back in the 1960?s. Also I met Simon Williams who I appeared with in another long running comedy series called ?Agony? ? hey ho a trip down memory lane.

Gosh even I am getting confused with how many shows we have done lately! Next one was Super Megafest in Framingham, Boston. We always enjoy our trips to Boston, and the flight is not too long. It was nice to see Femi and Ray Park again and also our friend Kevin Liell. Kevin had done a special print and the original was being raffled for charity. The show was very busy as usual, and we had a great evening on Saturday with the 501st at the British Beer Company ? many thanks guys and gals. On Sunday evening we went with Kevin and Woody to another interesting restaurant at the Stone?s Public House. Many thanks to the organisers for inviting us again.

Our final show for 2013 was in the lovely city of Toulouse in France. Needless to say we were whisked off on our arrival to a superb restaurant, and maybe I was a bit over ambitious with my ordering ? I was warned it was a large portion, but this was ridiculous (but delicious).
We met Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones ? a big man with a big heart and perfect for his role. The show was a great success and fans travelled from far and wide. Some of the costumes were outstanding. Thanks to Stephanie for being such a good host, and also to Aurelien for organising our trip.

Wow that was a big catch-up. We will be fairly quiet now until February/March when we start our travels again. We will be spending a quiet Christmas with our family.

Speak again in 2014

Happy Days

Jeremy & Maureen


Hi there everyone

Here is an update on our trip to Essen which deserves a blog of its own. Earlier in the year we were contacted by James Burns and Mark Newbold of Jedi News regarding a possible charity drive to Celebration Europe in Essen. This was approved by Lucasfilm (now owned by Disney) and the wheels were set in motion (ha ha). It was very well planned and the sponsors were very generous. First of all Hyundai provided us with two very comfortable 7 seater cars. Holiday Inn helped with hotel expenses and P & O Ferries organised our sailing to and from Calais. Toys ?R? Us and Vodafone also very kindly sponsored the trip. All monies raised were for the ?Make a Wish? charity. This was to be quite an adventure ? we were going to be on the road for five days before arriving in Essen on Wednesday 24th July at 5.01pm to meet the 501st. Our companions for the trip were James and Mark along with Matt Booker owner of Automatic Comics in Corsham and Dave Tree owner of All the Cool Stuff in Fordingbridge. Maureen was going to have her work cut out looking after this lot! We were collected on Friday morning and whisked to Excel where the first Celebration Europe took place in 2007. We were joined by members of the 501st, The Rebel Legion and the R2 Builders Club.

There was a surprise in store ? we were going to be allowed into the studios at Elstree where they filmed most of the original trilogy.

After the excitement of Elstree it was on to Toys ?R?Us in Brent Cross for the launch of the Star Wars Black Series. As we were travelling by car it was the ideal opportunity to have my Boba Fett costume with me. With the help of Stuart from the 501st (who also has a Boba Fett costume) I managed to get into it despite the heatwave we were having. To start with the fans lining up for autographs had no idea it was me in the costume and were very amused when I took the bucket off my head!

We had packed a lot in on Friday, and on Saturday drove down through Kent, chilled out and explored the lovely old town of Rochester. The 12th century castle is opposite the magnificent Cathedral. The architecture is amazing.

On Sunday morning we set off for Dover ? it was quite exciting getting on a cross channel ferry as the normal way we get to France nowadays is through the tunnel. Boarding the ship gives you a real sense of travelling and as we had club class tickets the complimentary glass of champagne was an added bonus. On our arrival in France we drove straight through to Lille to meet up with member of the French Garrison ? they made us very welcome and we spent a couple of happy hours there taking photos and chatting.

We stayed in a very nice Holiday Inn that evening set in the French countryside and set off the following morning for a trip to the ?Caves of Han? in Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium. When we arrived we were greeted by a wonderful view of the gardens, and the restaurant where we would later have lunch. A charming gentleman called Albert met us ? he was going to be taking us through the caves on a personal tour ? how lucky one is.

We would be taking a 100 year old tram 4km to the entrance of the caves. We were warned that it would be quite chilly inside ? so from the extreme heat it was quite nice to feel cool. The walk from entrance to exit would be around 1hr 30m. Words cannot really explain the wonder of the sights that we saw ? each one more magnificent than the previous one, and Albert gave us brilliant descriptions of what we were looking at. A surprise at the end of the tour was walking into the 145m high Salle du Dome to the sounds of the Star Wars ?Imperial March? and a laser light show. We were then shown to a table and offered a glass of Kir Royale. We really felt we were on holiday now. The time went really quickly and we were then back to the restaurant for a delicious lunch.

Back in the cars and then off for the hour long drive to Brussels. We were going from the bowels of the earth to the 102m high ?Atomium? Built in 1958 for the World Fair, it was not intended to survive, but its spectacular views over the city and amazing sculpture have made it an international tourist attraction. We were taken to the restaurant at the very top and met with the Belgian Garrison for refreshments, and later had photos beneath the Atomium.

We stayed in Antwerp that evening, but did not have time for any exploring as we were leaving early the next morning for the city of Breda in the Netherlands. On our arrival we were surprised to see quite a gathering and the Dutch Garrison gave me a rather nice 10th anniversary mug and some pins. Two enthusiastic young men Martino and Daan were cycling on a 250km ride to Essen in full costume to raise money for charity. They must have been so hot, and were forgiven for not wearing their helmets.

Our next stop was Amsterdam where we visited the Electric Ladyland Museum- the first museum of fluorescent art and met owner Nick who gave us a tour of the museum. It reminded us very much of the 60?s ? it was great fun. Some of the Dutch Garrison were there to meet us and it was nice to have a relaxing drink with them by the canal.

Finally The Caravan of the Force arrives in Essen to quite a fanfare. We were staying at the Atlantic Congress Hotel set in the Gruga Park and right opposite the convention centre. On Thursday I attended the press conference with some of the other guests (I?m sure you know who they all are!) and in the evening met up with some of the other guest who had just arrived ? we went with Markus Rau and family to an American Diner ? a great evening.

We had a sneak preview of the event and saw this amazing tie fighter and the smoke effect gave it the right feel. We also had a chance to do some early shopping. One of the highlights of the event for me was a gathering of the Fetts on stage brilliantly hosted by Warwick Davis. Again I needed help getting into the costume and there was plenty on hand ? thanks Phil, Stuart et al.

Celebration Europe was now in full swing and fans came along from every corner of the earth. We were very surprised when a group of our Polish friends came along with a painting and gift that we could not take home on the aircraft when we were in Torun for a convention in 2011. It was perfect as we were driving back to the UK ? thanks guys. One lovely lady came all the way from Japan with a fantastic costume.

Ben & Philip from Official Pix did a great job organising all the actors, photos and getting wonderful volunteers who were always on hand for coffee, water etc. On the Saturday evening Markus Rau, CO of the German Garrison along with the members had put on a wonderful gala dinner in the music pavilion in the Gruga Park. It was attended by many guests and members of the 501st ? its always good to meet all the different garrisons from around the world. Our last night on Sunday was spent with another group ? the Mandalorian Mercs ? we went to a local German bierkeller and had a great evening ? a great way to finish our trip in Germany.

We set off on Monday morning heading to Calais, and home with a brief stop at Cite Europe to stock up on croissants, cheese and wine ? as one does. It was a very pleasant sailing back to Dover and the white cliffs are always a very welcome sight. It had been a very enjoyable trip and thanks to Mark, Matt and David for their superb driving skills on the wrong side of the road and to James for his organisational skills. I had collected quite a few items on our trip and now need more shelving to display everything.

It had been quite an adventure and great fun ? speak soon.

- Jeremy


Hi Everyone

My gosh its already August and we need to start the story with the Star Wars weekend at Disney Smile.

We went to Orlando in mid May which gave us the opportunity to see the wonderful flower festival at Epcot for the first time.

It was a great weekend and I had lots of fun on stage with Ray Park and James Arnold Taylor.

As usual the Star Wars shop was packed with incredible merchandise and I couldn't resist this model by sculptor Costa Alavezos. We were also given a lovely gift from our friends at Disney ? many thanks.

After all the excitement of Disney we travelled to a sleepy seaside town in Italy called Bellaria for Sticcon and this was the view when we arrived.

Events in Italy are always very relaxed with plenty of pasta and wine served for lunch and dinner. There were several guests relating to Star Trek, including Robert Picardo and Robert Duncan McNeil. Also appearing were the sci-fi writer Michael Bishop and consultant to Star Trek Richard Arnold. From Star Wars there was Dave Prowse and my good self.

We were very well looked after by Elena, Elisa and Maria who helped with translations etc. ? thanks for all your help. Many fans were in costume, some with less costume than others Smile

Many thanks to Jessica and Massimo for inviting us to this lovely event.

The following four weekends were non-stop in the US and Canada with a very brief trip back home for two days. We covered Knoxville, Niagara Falls, Cedar Falls and San Antonio. As you can imagine we were pretty exhausted.

Starting off in Knoxville ? we were attending the Fanboy Expo along with Billy Dee Williams and a lovely gentleman called Erik Bauersfeld who voiced the character of Admiral Ackbar (It?s a trap). I think it was his first appearance at a convention, and he was modestly surprised how many people wanted his autograph. The show was very good and we were then treated to a trip to Pigeon Forge to see the amazing magic show of Terry Evanswood. When we arrived we were greeted with an upside down house which is very confusing. Terry?s show was very good especially the levitation. Thanks to Dave and Adam for putting on a brilliant event.

Next was a flight to Buffalo, NY then a short drive over the border for the Niagara Falls Comic Con. We had visited Niagara before but the sight of the Falls never ceases to amaze along with the beautiful gardens and what looked like an upside down tree?

Chris & James who were promoting the show took us out for a delicious Italian meal on our arrival, and the following evening we were entertained by Larry & Janice and the North Ridge Fan Force at the Outback. What a good start to the show which was extremely busy, and for a fairly new event was amazing.

Niagara is a fascinating place with the dramatic view of the horseshoe falls, then the bright lights of the town. We did get to ride on the big wheel with great views over the falls.

After Niagara we had just two days back in the UK. When we arrived very late at London Heathrow our taxi was nowhere to be seen, and as it got later and later we were the only ones left on the concourse ? our consolation was that we had pretty lights to look at. Eventually the car arrived, apparently they had closed the main motorway to the airport for maintenance. We arrived home finally around 2.00am ? exhausted.

We had a quick turnaround before jetting off again ? this time to Iowa for ?The Core? shop signing in Cedar Falls. We had been trying to arrange visiting Mike?s shop for practically three years and now it was finally happening. We were met by Mike and his wife Priscilla at the airport and had a leisurely drive through many cornfields to the lovely town of Cedar Falls where we staying at the Blackhawk Hotel. We were amazed at how quiet the town looked, but it was certainly full of lovely restaurants and coffee shops.

On Friday evening there was a special Q & A for VIP guests ? this turned out to be great fun with everyone firing questions at me. The following morning we went in an hour before the shop opening to meet a very special little boy called Jacob. Jacob was very ill, but loved Star Wars and wanted to meet Boba Fett and the Mandalorian Mercs. It was very humbling and everyone made a great fuss of him.

The day began and everyone was in for a treat with the arrival of not only the Mercs but Trey & Nancy's amazing 'Raptor' which causes quite a stir wherever it goes.

On Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner with the Mercs and also young Jacob ? it was an evening to remember for me as sadly young Jacob has since passed away.

We had a lovely weekend and Mike?s shop is bursting with tempting toys, comics and books. We spent the last evening with Mike and Priscilla, and then met up with their three sons for an hilarious time impersonating the ?Marx Brothers? Well done Mike and hope to visit again sometime in the future.

On to the next venue which was San Antonio in Texas. We were met by promoter Kris and his wife who very thoughtfully took us to an English pub for dinner and a good pint of beer (for Jeremy that is!) The show was very busy and it was amusing to see so many Boba Fetts around.

We were lucky enough to be taken downtown to eat at a Mexican restaurant on the famous River Walk which was very pretty. We also got a chance to see the Alamo looking very dramatic at night. Among our fellow guests were Billy Dee and Erik Bauersfeld who was celebrating his 91st birthday ? we joined him in celebrating on the last evening ? what a fun evening and plenty of cake!

Our month across the pond was at an end and now it was time to head back to the UK for some more events not too far from home. We had a lovely drive down to Devon for the Exewing Sci-Fi Day. The hotel we stayed in ?The Deer Park? was rather grand but unfortunately this was not our vintage car parked out front! ? you can always dream....

The event took place at Pecorama which is perched on the hillside above the fishing village of Beer. They have a real model miniature railway and also beautiful gardens. The day was perfect with brilliant sunshine and beautiful views and most importantly the event raised a lot of money for two charities.

The nearest show we ever attend is the London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court which takes us just 20 minutes from door to door. This is a very popular show and always attracts large crowds from all over the world. I had great fun trying to impress some Italian fans with my language skills.

We split the weekend to attend the ?Octopussy at 30? reunion at Pinewood Studios. Pinewood is set in beautiful gardens and we were had a lovely barbeque lunch followed by a high tea. Some of the guests included Maud Adams, Kristina Wayborn and Safira Afzal along with director John Glen. Again people travelled from far and wide to attend. A great day and to top it all Andy Murray won Wimbledon ................yeah.

Finally we met up with a long time Boba Fett fan, friend and 501st member for a nice lunch. He presented me with a lovely framed print he had made especially for me.

Phew ? that was a long story ? we will be doing a separate blog soon on our trip with the ?Caravan of the Force? to attend Star Wars Celebration Europe in Essen. Hopefully very soon.

All the best

- Jeremy

UPDATE: JULY 18, 2013

Hi Everyone

First of all may I say to to you all many, many apologies for the long gap in updating the website, but we have had an event every weekend since March which has given us very little time at home to write a blog, and as it has to cover so many events I will write it up in two stages (or possibly three) ? here goes Part 1 Smile After our trip to Dortmund we flew off to Gothenburg for the Sci-Fi Game & Film Convention. We were staying at the Gothia Towers ? a new hotel complex and were most impressed with the lego model in the reception.

Joining us were Billy Dee Williams and the extraordinary John Rhys-Davies. It was Billy Dee's birthday and we all went out to celebrate.

It was a great show and thanks to Jesper for inviting us ? it's always good to visit Sweden.

The following weekend I was asked to go to Bristol to do a voice over for the 75th anniversary of 'Mallard' a steam train that broke all records in 1938 with a speed of 126 mph.

Unfortunately the event in Venezuela was cancelled at the last moment so we had to quickly rearrange our flights to Guadalajara in Mexico. We had a few days to relax on our arrival and our host Eduardo drove us to the ancient city of Morelia. We had stayed there before at the beautiful Villa San Jose which has amazing gardens and wonderful views over Morelia.

We visited the historical city of Patzcuaro with its lovely squares and murals.

The show was very well advertised and I did a spot on the morning television. On our arrival back in Guadalajara we visited the venue and saw the huge billboard - wow Boba Fett!

The show was well attended and the Mexican fans are always very welcoming. Some of the other guests were cosplayers and Elffi had flown in all the way from Finland! Hector Lee Vargos who was the voice of Gonzo in the Muppets was also a guest.

No trip to Mexico would be complete without a visit to the street food vendor.

Back in the UK and we had three one day events in Newcastle, Burnley and Norwich. We started off with a long drive to Newcastle for Screen Con which was a brand new show. The renowned escapologist Chris Cross had challenged Boba Fett to shackle him in chains and he had to release himself in just 90 seconds ? impossible ? to my amazement he beat the the great bounty hunter. This show attracted many people and they all said how pleased they were to have the event in North Shields. The promoter Alan and his team worked very hard, and the day was rounded off with a lovely dinner at a beachside restaurant at Whitley Bay. Along with Michael Henbury and Laurie Goode was fellow guest the hilarious Dr Who ? none other than Sylvester McCoy.

On Sunday we had a leisurely drive over the Yorkshire Moors down to Burnley to attend Neil Livesey?s show 'Star Wars Fan Fun Day' . This is always a great day for the kids and also a chance to catch up with news from Star Wars actors. The Charity dinner at Burnley Football Club on the Sunday evening raised lots of money. Well done Neil et al.

One week later we took to the road again this time to Norfolk for the Norwich Sci-Fi & Film Convention. This again was a great show with lots of hard work put in by the members. According the the BBC news there was some kind of fracas between two rival members, but we were blissfully unaware of any trouble and had a great day.

So far this update only takes us to the middle of May, so will endeavour to fill in the gaps soon. Off to Essen next week with 'The Force of the Caravan' so will have lots of tales to tell.

Have a good summer everyone ? the sun is finally shining in the UK.

- Jeremy


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well ? we are still battling the cold weather here, although we did have some respite on our trip to Orlando. We went in early to relax before the show. Our friend Jeremy organised a special meeting with Mario the female penguin! (don?t ask) lots of oohs and aaahs. His girlfriend Jenna works at Seaworld and kindly took us backstage. The weather was glorious and it was so good to see some sunshine.

While we were there we went to the aquarium and almost swam with the sharks....................

The night before Megacon our friend Joe arranged for us to meet up at Delmonico?s for a delicious supper with some old friends (and not so old) ? thanks for a great evening guys.

Our last visit to Megacon had been a few years back and it was great to be there again. It was beautifully organised by Beth along with members of her family and friends. A great weekend.

Orlando is becoming like our second home as we visit so often and have made so many good friends - hope to be back soon.

Back to the cold weather in the UK and then we were off to Germany where it was even colder..........what is going on with the weather?

We travelled to Dortmund for the Movie Days/The Dark Zone convention organised by Angelo and Eric. This was a show that has grown immensely since we were there last. It had interesting themes with a mixture of fans, some from horror and some from sci-fi.

Short and sweet this time folks, but watch out for the following updates from all corners of the world.

Take care and speak soon.

- Jeremy


Hi Everyone,

Can't believe its already February - we have sort of hibernated since New Year, and although our snow has not been as dramatic as in the US - its been pretty cold.

Nothing much happened in January which suited us as last year was very busy and it was great to relax for a bit. I say relax because after the news broke about The Disney/Lucasfilm deal I was inundated with calls and requests for interviews on my thoughts. Some were done by email, some by telephone and even some by filming.

Our first event of the year was MCM at Telford. This was a one day show, but extremely busy and great to see so many people dressed up. The themes were many, Star Wars, Star Trek, Merlin, Dr Who to mention a few. I was rather impressed with this motorbike helmet (made me wish I had a Harley Davidson). It was my Birthday while we were at the show, and thanks to everyone for all my birthday greetings. I was hoping Maureen would bake me a cake, but it would have been difficult in our hotel room. If she had I would have liked one like the cake below.

As we were in the beautiful county of Shropshire we spent a day in the Ironbridge Gorge where Abraham Darby III built the famous cast iron bridge ? the first of its type in the world. It was built in 1779 and designed by Thomas Farnolls Pritchard. It is now a landmark and tourist attraction and became part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its spans the fast flowing River Severn which has the recurring problem of flooding. We went round the interesting museum and saw an amazing 12 metre (39 ft) long model of what the Gorge looked like in 1796. Despite the fact it was a freezing cold windy day there were many tourists around.

All for now - our next trip is to sunny Orlando for Megacon - hope to see some of you there.

All the best as always

? Boba


Happy New Year to you all. We had a fairly hectic Christmas with the family visiting from Sri Lanka. I was also working on a documentary here in London. After the heat of Asia Jossie was very happy to put on some warm clothes to feed the wildlife in our local park.

The Lego advent calendar I bought in the auction at the 501st ball was a huge success with Ned & Jossie who loved all the Star Wars characters. They made a pretty good job of decorating the tree with just a few adjustments from us when they had gone to bed!

I made an excellent job of cooking Christmas lunch despite a few glasses of champagne ? which is compulsory on Christmas morning here in the UK

Getting back to normal now and planning the year ahead which is shaping up to be quite busy. I have commissioned a limited edition of my very own patch designed by the artist Kevin Liell. I will be giving it away free with every purchase of my book 'Flying Solo' as from now. It will only be available from me.

Speak very soon with a list of new dates as they are confirmed and hope to see some of you in the coming year.

All the best

Jeremy ? The Fett


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