"In February 1945 the "Big Three" - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin - met at Yalta to discuss the future of post-Nazi Germany. The War was in its final stages. On the western front, the Allies had pushed as far as the Rhine. On 16 February the US airforce bombed Tokyo for the first time. And on that same day in the sleepy town of Market Harborough, a safe distance from the main theatres of war, I was born..."

Beautifully cloth-bound, presented in an embossed slip case, and limited to a print run of 2,000, each individually numbered and signed by the author, Flying Solo is more of an artifact than a mere book. A rare treat for all fans of the Star Wars saga, this is a memoir of a working actor, intertwined with an account of travelling the world as a science-fiction personality. Embellished, moreover, with nuggets of useless information, Flying Solo is unlike any other autobiographical work you are likely to read.

"The part they were considering me for was that of Paul Schroeder, a German agent working for the British. I was asked if I spoke German. Optimistically, I replied that I spoke a little, and offered up a couple of sentences:

"Es freut mich, Ihre Bekanntschaft zu machen. Darf ich einen Pullover tragen?"

("I am delighted to make your acquaintance. May I wear a pullover?")

The producer and director both nodded, I could see they hadn't the faintest idea what I was saying. I went on:

"Das ist eine Schallplatte und der Flugzeug ist gerade gelandet."

("That is a long-play record and the aircraft has just landed.")

This represented pretty much the sum total of my German, gleaned from the first chapter of a Linguaphone course I had purchased in the late sixties. Luckily for me, neither man had any inkling that I hadn't made it to chapter two."

Learn more about the life and work of Jeremy Bulloch in Flying Solo, and discover:

HOW to tie a Windsor knot;

HOW Jeremy is related to Theodore and Franklin D Roosevelt;

WHY he is wary of dogs with impaired hearing;

WHAT it was claimed that Elizabeth Taylor could eat for breakfast;

HOW to chat up fashion models;

WHY Jeremy was once attacked in the street by an old lady;

and WHY he won't be making any more commercials in Sweden.

Also in Flying Solo you will find tales of human and equine flatulence, several references to vodka, and lots about the British seaside town of Bognor Regis.

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