27th/28th September 2014
SF Days Speyer
Technik Museum Speyer
D-67346 Speyer

11th October 2014
Play Expo
Phoenix Way
Manchester M41 7TB

18th/19th October 2014
Earls Court 2
Old Brompton Road
London SW5 9TA

25th/26th October 2014
Quebec City Comiccon
Quebec City Convention Centre
900 Boulevard Rene Levesque Est
Quebec City G1R 2B5

31st October –
1st November 2014

C4 Central Canada Comic Con
Winnipeg Convention Centre
375 York Avenue
Winnipeg R3C 3JC

8th/9th November 2014
Cardiff Film & Comic Con
Motorpoint Arena
Mary Ann Street
Cardiff CF10 2EQ

30th November 2014
Wales Comic Con
Glyndwr University
Mold Road
Wrexham LL11 2AW

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Hi Everyone

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, but there never seems time to sit down at the computer and write.

Our next adventure was to Toronto and Orlando. We flew to Orlando and stayed the night at the wonderful Hyatt airport hotel.

The following morning we flew to Toronto and were surprised to see how much building had taken place since our last visit. There were condominiums all along the lakeside and in the evening all you could see were lights in apartments. I went off to do a breakfast TV show the next morning and was interviewed by the same charming presenter Bob Cowan who had interviewed me in Niagara last year.

The event was not so busy as expected, but everyone worked hard to make our stay very enjoyable and promoter Paul Newdick and his team looked after us well.

It is always great to visit Toronto and we did see some amazing statues, and the view from the restaurant was pretty too.

It was then back to Orlando and Disney - this is beginning to feel like our second home! As always we had a great time and it was good to see all our friends and work with Warwick Davis, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein and meet Tiya Sircar who voiced the character of Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels.

This time we managed to see the amazing firework display at Epcot and took in the lovely view of the lake on our way home.

We were home for a couple of weeks and then headed back across the pond for the Denver Comic Con. The convention centre was protected by a very large curious bear. It was a very busy show with lots of costumes both large and small.

Downtown Denver was very lively in the evening and the horse drawn carriages looked great fun and very elegant – they even painted their hooves. We spent a great evening with Sylvester McCoy and our friend Julian, sitting in an outdoor restaurant taking in all the nightlife.

I was given a rather nice bottle of specially brewed Boba beer.

The following weekend was split between the Leicester Space Centre and Wigan Comic Con. Its always fun to go the the Leicester Space Centre and I was with Dave, Peter & Kenny. A quick drive up the motorway to Wigan for the Comic Con the following day. Another show another Dr Who – this time Colin Baker. Thanks to Paul Prescott for a great day.

I had a call from Ian Freer from the Empire Magazine that had voted 'The Empire Strikes Back' the best sci-fi film. They were holding a screening of the film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and I was invited along as a special guest to the screening and to do a Q & A with the audience afterwards. We took a very pleasant train journey - beats driving anyday and takes half the time. I felt very honoured to be greeted outside the theatre by the 501st and a wonderful lady bagpipe player. After the event we went to a reception and met the organisers. Over breakfast the following morning we looked directly over to the wonderful Edinburgh Castle.

Before our train home we had a guided tour of Edinburgh and also a chance to look over the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Back home and the next event was a mere 20 minutes drive from home - The London Film & Comic Con at Earl's Court in London. This show gets busier every time we go along and this one must have broken all records for attendance. It was also a special event as I was wearing my Boba Fett costume for a photo shoot and was able to donate a very handsome amount to Great Ormond Street Hospital where our little granddaughter had been brilliantly treated only a few months ago. Thanks to all the amazing people who wanted a photo with Boba and also thanks to the guys from the 501st who expertly got me kitted up in my costume- without them I would still be struggling with my jetpack!

An old acquaintance Steve from Cardiff had invited me to his Cardiff Tattoo convention where strangely enough most of the people were tattoo artists! I was not quite sure this would be the right show for me but Steve assured me I would be very busy. We went along and fellow Star Wars guests were Alan Ruscoe, Toby Philpott and Nathalie Cox. It turned out to be a very interesting show, and there were plenty of people who were dedicated Boba fans and wanted their artwork signed. We had a great time and like Edinburgh Cardiff is a very exciting city to be in.

Will follow up pretty soon with the rest of the summer events.

All for now - speak soon.


UPDATE: JUNE 9, 2014

Well folks it's been a while since the last update, but a lot has happened in the past couple of months - some things good, some things not so good, but finally something very good. After Christmas fast forward to February when we headed out to Sri Lanka to visit our son and family. We would be celebrating our grandson Ned's birthday and mine. It was good to see the family again as they had not been back to the UK since last summer. We drove down to the lovely old city of Galle for the first weekend, and were thoroughly spoilt by having our own chef who cooked up some amazing food. It was Ned's 11th birthday so plenty of cakes were enjoyed by all and guess what I gave him as a present? It was very warm and the locals had a good way of keeping cool.

For the journey back to Colombo Maureen, Robbie and Ned decided to take the train and what an experience that turned out to be. Standing room only for three hours and at each station another 100 or so people crammed into the carriage until they were literally hanging out the doors – that’s when a jetpack comes in handy!

The following weekend we had another trip this time to Mirissa to celebrate my birthday. When we arrived we couldn't quite believe that the villa was just for us - it had it's own pool, cinema, fireman's pole (which delighted the children - Boba did not attempt it!) plus about eight bedrooms to choose from and of course staff to attend to our every need - we could easily get used to this life.......

The villa was very beautiful and had a great terrace ideal for early evening cocktails and glorious sunsets.

On my birthday we decided to have a game of cricket by the sea. The day started with a huge slice of birthday cake, followed by a game of cricket played mainly by myself – the children found playing in the sand more interesting Sad smile

Back in Colombo it was good to spend time with the grandchildren, just swimming and relaxing and we visited the famous Tintagel Hotel for dinner.

We decided to spend our last weekend in the Maldives as it was only an hours flight away, and also we would probably never have the opportunity again. Flights and accommodation were booked and we were looking forward to the wonderful trip when we got the devastating news that our youngest granddaughter Indy who is five years old had a malignant brain tumour. Everything went into freefall - she needed immediate surgery in Colombo and then was to be flown back to the UK by air ambulance for major surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. After much debating it was decided that Maureen and I would still go to the Maldives with Ned and Joss. The Maldives are made up of a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. We flew to the capital Male and stayed the night there. Transport was by speedboat, or if one was very wealthy by private seaplane - we chose the boat!

The Four Season Resort on Kuda Hurra is out of this world and if ever you happen to be in the Indian ocean it is well worth a visit Winking smile The children enjoyed the stunning pool, and even fed the baby sharks in the evening.

The weekend went far too quickly, and we enjoyed it as much as circumstances would allow. Soon it was time to jump on the boat and plane and head back to Colombo.

Back home in the UK our first event of the year was Autographica, a nice gentle show at the Radisson hotel at London Heathrow airport. There were several astronauts there including Buzz Aldrin and it was fascinatingly talking to Greg H. Johnson about his experiences in space. He also was a Star Wars fan.

The following week we got the amazing news that Indy’s tumour was not malignant after all and she is making a very steady recovery - our home was completely taken over by get well cards, balloons and an excessive amount of cuddly toys.

This meant we could go to Salt Lake City Comic Con feeling much happier. We were staying in the very luxurious Grand America hotel. Salt Lake City is very beautiful and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The show was astounding with around 100,000 attendees – not bad for only a 2nd show. Well done to Dan Farr and his professional crew for giving us a great weekend.

The Krayt Clan – Utah Chapter invited Maureen and I to join them at the fabulous Pizza restaurant 'Settebello' which had the best pizza I have tasted. They very kindly presented me with a lovely crystal and made me an honorary member.

Just a note to say thanks so much to all the fans who very generously gave us donations for the Great Ormond Street Hospital which took such good care of Indy. We raised $800 -thank you guys and girls from Salt Lake City.

Our next two shows were in Europe which is easily reached by Eurostar – just a quick train ride under the channel. Our first trip was to Antwerp, Belgium for a one day event. We arrived the day before and explored the lovely city. It's central railway station is a very impressive building Other guests included Alan Harris (Bossk) and my old friend Colin Baker from Dr. Who and we all gathered for special dinner on Saturday night. The show was fun if not a little noisy due to the lady wrestlers in the ring just in front of our table. Alan and I were made honorary members of the ‘Rebel Legion – Benelux’. Thanks to Lode for inviting us for a fun weekend.

Back on Eurostar again the following weekend, this time heading for Cusset in France. We travelled from London with Dermot Crowley and Cathy Munroe. We stayed in the spa town of Vichy which like Antwerp has lovely

I first appeared at the Generations Star Wars event in May 2003 and was amazed at how big it had grown over the years, in fact it needs a bigger venue. Well done to Fabien and his team and also to the wonderful chocolatier who surprised us all at the end of the show with all these goodies which were demolished very quickly.

Another weekend, another train journey this time to the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln. I was going to the Ritz Cinema which is being completely renovated. The owner Pete Genders was raising money to complete the works. Peter Davison - who was the fifth Doctor Who – was just about to do his stage Q & A.

On Saturday, many people turned up for my Q & A and I was supported by friend Gary aka Boba. The 501st were out in force, and we raised a good amount of money by doing a photo shoot.

It was a very successful day and we wish Pete and his crew lots of luck in bringing the Ritz back to its former glory.

We have been to two more events (Toronto and Disney) and that update will be coming very soon. The good news is that Indy has recovered so well that she has travelled back to Sri Lanka for the last few months of Robbie’s posting. She has been a very brave little girl.

Speak soon and take care.

- Jeremy


Hi Everyone!

A belated very Happy New Year to you all and hope 2014 is treating
you well. This little island is being battered by storms, but luckily
in London we have escaped the worst. Although Christmas seems an age
ago here is a little update on our trip to the Emerald Isle.

>We had been invited to spend Christmas with family in Ireland and
decided to take the ferry across the Irish sea. The crossing was
pretty rough, but we managed to avoid being ill. We drove down to the
beautiful town of Kinsale to visit our eldest four granddaughters. The
first day was beautiful, and the harbour looked very pretty with all
the yachts. It then became very stormy and we had to make a mad dash
to the restaurant without getting too drenched. We had a lovely
evening with the girls. We had not seen them for some time and there
was lots to catch up on.

We then took a wonderful drive up to County Carlow to meet the rest of
our family. We were having a late lunch on Christmas day, so took
advantage of the good weather to have a rather long walk. It was well
worth the effort as the views were stunning. Boba did drag behind a
bit, but at least did not resort to what Lara did, which was have a
rest halfway there!

After such an invigorating afternoon we were all ready for a superb
meal. The table had been set and looked very inviting. A great time
was had by all.

On boxing day the children tried out their new skateboards, and then
we jumped in our cars to follow the local hunt. And by the way the fox
escaped - hooray! Our return ferry was cancelled due to dreadful
weather in the Irish sea, so we spent another day in Ireland – yipee –
another pub lunch with Guinness!

Finally we arrived home, and have spent many hours in my office trying
to get all the lovely artwork displayed – not an easy task with a
sloping roof. Industrial velcro came to the rescue, thanks to some
friendly hints from fans.

Speak soon everyone and keep safe.

- Jeremy

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